Foreclosure Help and Mortgage Assistance

Please take advantage of the foreclosure prevention resource we’ve provided below.

10 Tips to Prevent Foreclosure

  1. Take charge, don’t ignore the problem. The longer you wait or ignore the problem, the harder it will be to re-establish your loan. Make the time to seek help from your lender and advice from “Know the Facts” Housing Counselors.
  2. Talk to your lender. If you are at risk of falling behind on your payments, staying in touch with your lender will help you understand your options.
  3. Take the time to understand your mortgage agreement. Some of the terms can be intimidating and confusing, but know that our on-line Glossary is a great place to start. Our counselors will also be able to explain the terms of your agreement and give you peace of mind.
  4. Stay informed. At, we’ve listed NY State foreclosure laws and foreclosure time frames in our Learning Center section.
  5. Research foreclosure prevention options. “Know the Facts” counselors are on call to explain these options when you need them. Call 1-877-SAVE-183 (1-877-728-3183).
  6. Budget. Do your best to modify your spending with healthcare first and housing second. Create a monthly budget and cut down on extras, such as going to the movies, vacations, gym memberships, eating out, and cable TV. The money you’ll save can go towards your home.
  7. Know what you have. If you have any personal property such as jewelry, second cars, or life insurance policies (assets), you may be able to sell those assets to re-establish your loan.
  8. Consider creating additional income. If anyone in your household is able to get a second or extra job, this may demonstrate to your lender that you are working hard to reinstate your loan.
  9. Avoid “foreclosure prevention” companies or sales people. Assistance in foreclosure prevention should be free and HUD-certified, such as that provided by the partners of “Know the Facts”. Anyone charging a significant fee may have questionable intentions.
  10. Protect yourself from scammers. Do not sign over your deed to a third-party. Avoid predatory lenders who will take advantage of your situation. Ask our counselors to help you understand the terms of your contract.


To find out more about foreclosure prevention, please call 1-877-SAVE-183 (1-877-728-3183) or use our online intake form for free advice and consultations.